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#clublife 7 If nothing else, 2020 demanded more creativity and fluidity from our culinarians than ever before. Adapting kitchen operations almost overnight with far fewer resources and provisions made it all the more challenging. Through it all, we picked up quite a few nuggets worth sharing, as well as some new and noteworthy trends for 2021. Here's a quick look at what's happening in Chef's world these days. Lessons learned or key takeaways from 2020... Go-to home cooked quarantine dinner... Go-to quarantine takeout... Member favorites here to steaks and crab cakes! Quick, healthy lunch to make on the fly while WFH... Upcoming foodie events you're excited about... Trends in food and beverage you're exploring... watching... (source: https:/ / www.wholef trends/ top-f ood-trends-2021) F R O M T H E C H E F Sincerely, F r an k D al t o n Executive Chef | Tower Club Tysons Corner Ingredients - 8 3 oz. Braised Short Ribs - 4 cups Flour - 2 cups Buttermilk - 12 stalks Asparagus, cleaned and grilled - 12 oz. Sweet Potato Mash - 8 oz. Chili Gravy - 4 oz. Bacon Gastrique - 2 oz. Cotija Cheese, crumbled - 1 tbsp Salt - ½ tbsp. Pepper - 1 tbsp Granulated Onion - ½ tbsp Granulated Garlic - A.N. Canola Oil Directions 1. Set up a 3 part breading station; first container with 2 cups flour, second container with buttermilk, third container with 2 cups flour, salt, pepper, granulated garlic and onion 2. Place short ribs in unseasoned flour, roll to coat 3. Dredge short ribs in buttermilk till coated 4. Roll short ribs in seasoned flour to evenly coat 5. Drop short ribs in deep fryer, or large pot with high sides with 4? of oil, heated to 350° till golden brown and internal temperature reaches 160°, let dry on paper towel 6. Place sweet mash onto plate, top with short ribs 7. Ladle gravy over short ribs then lean asparagus onto short ribs 8. Drizzle plate with gastrique then sprinkle with cotija L essons L earned and A L ook Ahead. Chicken Fried Short Ribs From the kitchen of Arizona Sands Club

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