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#clublife 8 Some restrictions and exclusions may apply. See Club for details. © ClubCorp USA, Inc. All rights reserved. M E M B E R S P O T L I G H T My alma mat er? The University of Miami (aka "The U") In 2021, I resolve t o...have fun despite the current environment while working harder (and smarter) than ever to grow my business to new heights! My ment or t aught always leave people with a favorable impression. To me, communit y is...any group, formal or informal, where people meet together and give as much as they get Product ivit y hack t hat keeps me sane? batching my emails (with the help of a little bit of script) so they only come into my inbox every 2 hours. Most memorable meal? I'd have to say the spread Chef Leo prepared for my wedding reception. Favorit e way t o play during t he wint er mont hs...curled up in a blanket with a movie and hot cocoa. Song on my playlist ... " Make Room" by Jonat han McReynolds On my bucket list ? see a Super Bowl or Final 4 in person and travel to Africa and visit some of the places my ancestors were from. Recent ly checked t his one off? got paid to present to a national audience. Technology t hat recent ly wow' d me...I have been learning about ClickUp. It has so many tools to manage projects and accounts. I'm excited to learn more and use it to help grow my business. Best kept secret in our cit y (do t ell)? I'm always inspired by the view from the balcony at the Tower Club on a busy day. It's very cool to see everything happening in Tysons. Reggie Holmes, CEO of Enthuse Creative

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