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W I N E L O C K E R S "If you enjoy wine, being part of the wine locker program at Timarron is a must! We keep our locker stocked with wines that are discounted for wine locker members, often attend complimentary tastings, and receive regular emails with updates on new deals available to wine club members. For our white wines, we call ahead to have it chilled upon our arrival. Red wines are served at the optimum temperature. We?ve enjoyed many conversations over a bottle of wine, whether those conversations are among old friends or new or with the excellent staff in the bar." - Scott & Anna Vickers WINE CLUB Annual Dues : $100+ per person - Com plim entary Monthly Wine Tastings - Selection of Mem ber ?s Choice Wine Feature - Advanced Invitation to Wine Dinners - Pre-Wine Dinner Socials "One of the m ost exciting experiences are the wine dinners. These are truly in an arena all their own! Chef Leo astounds us each and every tim e. This is not your norm al Cham ps 52 m enu, it 's a 5 course experience that is not just a dinner, but a journey! Her food has a subtle elegance that m arries together each elem ent within the dish to create som ething truly m em orable. These courses could stand alone in som e of the m ore prestigious dining locations. Then she takes it one step further with perfect wine pairings. Food and wine can be wonderful, but when experienced together have the potential to create a third flavor unlike either and better than both. This is art! Rem em ber friends, an em pty bottle of wine is better than a full one, and there is nothing better than sharing it with good people and great food. As wine Club Mem bers, we enjoy the laughter, the learning, and of course the wine." - Zack an d Ch ar les Bu sch Foodies, w in os, an d devou t f ollow er s of Ch ef Leo!

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