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Timarron Tips P R I V A T E E V E N T S 1. Bu dget : A spending lim it will determ ine several things, from the num ber of guests to the venue, down to what drinks, you?ll serve and how to handle the entertainm ent. 2. Th em e: This is usually the easiest part! When picking a them e, consider why you?re hosting an event in the first place. 3. Tim e Fr am e: When do you want to throw the event? How m uch tim e will you have to plan it? Most im portantly, how long will the party last? 4. Aller gies: Whether som eone really can?t eat certain foods, or they just have a preference, it ?s inform ation you?ll want to include when you start setting a m enu. 5. Con ven ien t : Location is an im portant part of this. When choosing your venue, don?t dwell as m uch on how hip or trendy the spot is? while this is a nice bonus, it won?t affect the experience as m uch as you m ay think. 6. Set t h e M ood : Bring it all together by picking exactly the right space and setting it up just perfectly. Take your party size and them e into account and consider how m uch space you?ll need. Kathryn has been in the event planning industry for 5 years. Her natural ability to organize and plan while offering creative visions for the unique details is what she loves about the industry. Kathryn started her career in hospitality as a server and worked her way up to where she is now. Tim arron Country Club is her third club since joining the ClubCorp fam ily back in 2014. As a Private Events Coordinator, she coordinates weddings, private events, corporate m eetings, golf outings and m ore. Private Events Coordinator Kathryn Brady Throw the Perfect Party

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