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W H O I S C H E F L E O ? M om en t you k n ew you w an t ed t o be a ch ef ? In high School I was enrolled in a Culinary program , and we had a burger com petition. Sadly, I did not win, but I can still rem em ber trying to perfect a stuffed burger patty. Best cook in g t ip you ever r eceived? Always salt vegetables at the end, and use good butter Favor it e t ool in t h e k it ch en ? My Knife! Good knife skills are one of the strongest any chef can have. Secr et w eapon ? Toast your black peppercorn, it intensifies the flavor. Favor it e dish t o cook at h om e? At hom e I'm not a chef, I'm a m om . Which m eans I cook the favorites, a lot of Fresh Toast, Crepes, Pasta Cabonnara, Steaks, Mac and Cheese Ch ildh ood com f or t f ood you t h in k abou t ? Any Puerto Rican Food! Arroz con pollo, alcapurias, bacalaitos! ? P L A T I N G I S L I K E B U I L D I N G A F L O W E R A R R A N G E M E N T ?

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