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LOCA L A RTISA N CHEESE DISPLA Y | 7.0 0 Do m est ic & Im p o rat ed Cheeses, Grap es, Cand ied Nut s, Fruit Preserves, W ho le Grain Must ard s, A sso rt ed Crackers VEGETA BLE CRUDITE DISPLA Y | 6 .0 0 Carro t s, Celery , Grap e To m at o es, Cucum b ers, Sw eet Bell Pep p ers, Bro cco li, Cream y Ranch and Blue Cheese Dressing s CHA RCUTERIE DISPLA Y | 8.50 Chef 's Select io n o f Thinly Sliced Cured & A g ed Meat s, Mixed Olives, Co urse Must ard , A sso rt ed Bread s & Crackers CHILLED SHRIMP COCKTA IL DISPLA Y | 16 .0 0 Baco n W rap p ed Scallo p s | 6 ea. Mini Bo a Buns w it h Ro ast ed Po rk| 6 ea. Dev iled Eg g s, Map le Black Pep p er Baco n Bit s | 6 ea. Miniat ure Crab Cake, Herb Rem o ulad e | 6 ea. Mini Beef W elling t o n | 6 ea. Mini Ko b e Slid er | 6 ea. Bo urb o n & Bo ursin Chicken En Cro ut e | 6 ea. Cherry To m at o. Mozzarella and Basil Skew er | 6 ea. Chim ichurri Beef Tend erlo in Bit es | 6 ea. Sm o ked Tend erlo in Cro st ini | 6 ea. Marinat ed Veg et ab le Tart let | 6 ea. Mini Beer Can Taco s | 6 ea. A rancini w it h W ild Mushro o m s | 6 ea. Mini Reub en Panini Bit es | 6 ea. Sp iced Ko rean Go chujang Meat b alls | 6 ea. More Options Available Displays Hor s D'oeuvr es

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