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Brent Stokes L E T T E R F R O M T H E C H A I R Enthusiasm and anticipation are my predominant feelings as I write this message. Summer is here and our City Club programming that is scheduled for the remainder of the year is very exciting. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to serve as the Chair of The Board Of Governors at City Club Los Angeles and I would also like to thank the committee chairs that make up our Executive Board of Governors. They continue to work diligently on a volunteer basis and with club management to make tangible contributions toward our Club's agenda for member engagement opportunities. I would also like to say thank you to the fellow members for participating and investing in the Club and thank you to the Club Management and Staff for working to improve and elevate our Club experiences. One of the reasons why I am so excited about the opportunities that await me as Chair is our Club's legacy and the existing representation of membership diversity. This hallmark characteristic of our Club makes it an honor to participate in the continuance of the many existing traditions at our Club with a hope to create a few more meaningful traditions. One of the most fulfilling and value driven ways a member can contribute to the legacy and traditions of our Club is to join and contribute to one or more of our member driven committees. These committees provide immediate member networking opportunities and increase exposure to potential memorable member moments at the Club. As for upcoming events and creating more traditions at our Club, I am happy to report that our planning for the Inaugural City Club Los Angeles New Year's Eve party is well underway and announcements along with ticket sales will start some time in July. We are also planning our Inaugural City Club Los Angeles Heritage Month Celebration during the month of October and the marquee event during Heritage Month will be the Founders Day luncheon. The Executive Board and Club Management are transforming and creating new experiences here at the Club. We have revamped Friday nights at the Club atmosphere with DJ Bella mixing up fun on most Fridays. We will be conducting our inaugural City Club Business Trade Show during the October Chair's Happy Hour and thankfully we have been able to revert back to some of our traditional activities such as the Women Of City Club Luncheon, Love The Pearls, and a soon to come Wine Expo. The future of the Club continues to evolve and the outlook is promising. Enjoy your summer at home, away, and at our Club! Brent Stokes Chair City Club LA

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