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2 | U C - S A N D I E G O.C O M WELCOME H o n o r e d + P r i v i l e g e d t o S e r v e o u r M e m b e r s MEET YOUR TEAM F O R A N Y T H I N G + E V E R Y T H I N G C O N T A C T U S Club Concierge | 619.234.5200 | M E M B E R S H I P D I R E C T O R Caroline Freiberg 619.702.1985 G R O W Y O U R C L U B M E M B E R R E L AT I O N S CO O R D I N AT O R Tasha Grzeskiewicz 619.702.1984 P R I VAT E E V E N T D I R E C T O R Cheryl Mar nez cheryl.mar 619.702.1987 P R I VAT E E V E N T D I R E C T O R Kris Saffery kris 619.702.1986 G E T C O N N E C T E D L I F E O F T H E P A R T Y T H E A D M I N I S T R A T O R M E M B E R S H I P D I R E C T O R Kayle Fields 619.702.1983 O F F I C E A D M I N I S T R AT O R Kat Bacud 619.702.1981 B R E A K T H E B R E A D F O O D & B E V E R A G E D I R E C T O R Danielle Hernandez 619.702.1988 E X E C U T I V E C H E F Lance Repp 619.702.1991 A M E S S A G E F R O M Y O U R C L U B M A N A G E R F R A N K B U S I C . . . Gree ngs, With a fond farewell to the waterlogged days of winter, I'm am pleased to say that we have finally arrived. The season of awakening and growth is upon us, and that means flowers blooming, fresh farmer's market finds, and crystal clear views from atop Symphony Towers. Spring is our me to shine! Celebra ons are aplenty this me of year, and we invite you to share yours at the Club. Gradua on celebra ons, birthday par es, anniversaries and everything in between, know that we're here to create a phenomenal experience for you and your guests in the months ahead. As we enter a new season, our con nued goal is to deliver an outstanding experience every single day. And we're smart enough to know that it has to begin with our people. Our one ask of you? To let us know when we've succeeded. When you receive a survey link a er your next Club experience, the 'real me' feedback you provide goes straight to my inbox, and I share it with our team. Together, we celebrate the wins, and we learn and grow from the opportuni es. Now more than ever, we are focused on developing and retaining great Employee Partners. When someone is recognized by name, we're able to do just that through rewards and recogni on. To share feedback at any me, visit, and enter 00703 as your Club loca on number. We encourage it! On that note, we'd like to congratulate Office Manager Kat Bacud for being recognized with a 2018 na onal ClubCorp Super Star award. Another special acknowledgement goes to Membership Directors Caroline Freiberg and Kayle Fields for being recognized with a 2018 ClubCorp Team of Excellence award. We couldn't be more proud of the work they do to serve our Members every day, and these na onal awards are a great accomplishment. With all hopes, you've no ced some recent improvements around the Cub. We've enhanced our training programs, upgraded some Club ameni es and we've launched new Founder's Room and Ebb & Flow menu items and we can't wait for you to try them. As a Club, we con nue to grow and improve with your feedback. Please con nue to share ways we can elevate your Club experience, and we will return the favor by doing our best to make it happen. In April and May, we welcome two of our most celebratory family tradi ons at the Club: Easter and Mother's Day Brunches. Celebrate with the ones you love while we do the work! Be sure to make your reserva ons early, because both events are shaping up to be sellouts. We have a special package price when you RSVP for both Easter and Mother's Day, ask about it when you call to make your reserva on. As always, see pages 4 & 5 for your April/May calendars, but remember, the most up to date event details can be found on the brand new ClubLife App, where Members can view the calendar, RSVP for events and also make dining reserva ons. If you would like assistance, don't hesitate to give us a shout. In closing, I'd like to say thank you. Because of you, we get to carry out the Club's mission of building rela onships and enriching lives every day, and we couldn't be more grateful. Respec ully, Frank Busic | General Manager | The University Club atop Symphony Towers

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